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7 Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn't Ignore

Hillside, New Jersey 07205 - 25 Jan, 2022


Google algorithm uses 200+ ranking factors for its search engine, but nobody knows them all. Google won't reveal its top ranking factors. Here's a rundown of 7 important ranking factors we think most deserve your attention.

Page speed: Google updates with page speed may have an effect on you if your web site is slow to load as a result of slow websites supply a poor user experience.

Content relevance: though you mustn’t stuff your website with keywords, you should use some relevant keywords and build relevant content around those terms.

Website design: Your website should be easy and simple to navigate.

Link quality: If you would like to rank on Google, then make sure you solely link to informative, relevant content. extraneous links is also affected.

Mobile-friendliness: Google uses the mobile version of your web site for ranking associated indexing, which implies “mobile-friendliness” may be a ranking factor.

HTTPS status: Generally, Google prefers secure websites since they’re additional trustworthy. HTTPS is safer than HTTP, therefore having an SSL certificate will facilitate your ranking.

User engagement: Finally, Google may have an effect on websites with high bounce rates and few come guests as a result of the pages is also low quality.

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