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2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Limited Edition

Houston, Texas - 26 Aug, 2015
  • BMW
  • R1100S Boxer Cup Limited Edition
  • Used
  • Gasoline/Petrol
  • 21347 mi
  • 2005
  • 2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Limited Edition
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2005 BMW R-Series R1100S Boxer Cup Limited Edition

This is a limited production bike, it is stock except that it has a sargent seat, which is lower than the original, it has handlebar risers which between the two make for a more comfortable riding position, more upright not bent over like a pretzel. All the originals, seat, windscreen are included in sale and handlebar riser can be returned to original position. Over all it looks like new, no dents no scratches no damage. It runs great. You will find this bike to be like new. I have a new battery and a battery maintainer with the sale. This bike gets all the looks everywhere it goes..

Bike cover
Exhaust manifold cover
Carbon fiber cylinder head cover
Carbon fiber spark plug covers
Carbon fiber lower spoiler kit
Carbon fiber heel guards
Carbon fiber rear seat cover
Carbon fiber fuel tank cover
Carbon fiber upper trim panel