Install T8 8FT LED Tubes for Residential and Commercial Places

Huntsville, Alabama - 29 Mar, 2019
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While making the wrong selection of the lights for the residential and commercial places, we poses a risk on the lives of other as the inferior quality lights can result in electric shocks and vibrations. The way all the fingers of the hand are not equal, similarly all the lights are different as well. You can install UL listed T8 8FT LED tubes that are high on safety as well in addition to giving you energy efficient lighting results.

Other benefits of using T8 8FT LED tubes are as follows:

* This LED tube requires a ballast bypass and you need to directly wire these lights into the socket for line voltage.

* The best thing about the ballast bypass LED tubes is that there is ballast failure and hence there is no maintenance or replacement charge as well.

* Use these T8 8FT LED tubes instantly without experiencing any flickering or buzzing at the time of staring these lights.

* The available Color Temperature of these frosted tubes is 5000K that produce neutral white light day glow, also the lumen output is 4800 lumens on consuming only 40w of power.

* You can replace it with 100w light to make reductions in the monthly utility bill.

* Comes with 5 years of warranty in addition to 30 Days return policy from the manufacturer.

* Also have wider beam angle of 120 degree.

So use these frosted T8 8FT LED tubes that comes with easy installing process and once purchased can give you safe and healthy lights for at least 50,000 hours or even more than that as well.

For more info please visit these site: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/8ft-led-tube-40w-4800-lumens-single-pin-5000k-frosted

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