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Performing Biologics Process Development At VxP Biologics

Indianapolis, Indiana - 20 Dec, 2016
  • Performing Biologics Process Development At VxP Biologics
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At Vxp Biologics we have developed over hundreds of mammalian, bacteria and yeast-based processes till the last decade, we are providing the insights necessary in order to identify as well optimize process parameters that are quite critical for achieving a high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing process. Whether you need assistance regarding developing a process, or else dealing in improving existing processes, either preparing to manufacture your personalized product, you will be benefited from Vxp Biologics’ expertise team. Our dedicated scientists will apply their expertise ensuring the most effective and accurate processes for manufacturing. We have broad knowledge of cGMP manufacturing that enables us to successfully transfer the existing processes into our facility and to develop an innovative process when needed to meet your objectives.

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