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2013 Boss Hoss Gangsta

Jacksonville, Florida - 16 Aug, 2015
  • Boss Hoss
  • Gangsta
  • Used
  • Gasoline/Petrol
  • 4380 mi
  • 2013
  • 2013 Boss Hoss Gangsta
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The 2013 Boss Hoss Gangsta is a trike for the man or woman who makes no apologies.
This Gangsta is painted in a beautiful candy apple red with black cherry flames. Getting it in the sun is a treat as even the darker black cherry "pops". Also equipped is the factory front fairing with windshield and stereo system installed. Rocketing forward with nearly 500 horsepower, the engine has an aftermarket cam shaft and strait exhaust. It sounds mean sitting still idling on the cam, and even meaner once the throttle is cracked open. Once at cruising speed, sit back and relax in the redesigned seat aimed at rider comfort. Also included is the stock headlight fairing and shield.

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