Safe Electricity with 4ft 22W LED Integrated Tubes

Killeen, Texas - 12 Feb, 2019
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By using the LED lighting technology you can make significant reductions in the overall electricity bills which otherwise is making you more frustrated at the end of every month when you have to pay huge amount to pay the bills. In addition to just cost saving form of lighting only, these LED tubes have many benefits as well which you will experience it once you start using them. One form of such tubes is the LED integrated tubes and millions of people are using a 4t 22w LED integrated tube to enjoy beneath advantages.

Benefits of using 4ft 22w LED integrated tube are as follows:

•The 4ft 22w LED integrated tubes don’t produce any kind of harmful radiations that can affect the eyesight of human’s’; also you can have flicker free lighting while using these tubes.
•On an average, the lumen output of these integrated tubes is approximately 2640 with colour temperature of 5000K.
•Upon successful installing of these tubes, you can use them for a period of 5-6 years; and can also enjoy 5 years of warranty on buying these lights.
•These 4ft 22w LED integrated tubes are made using 100% recyclable materials that are non-dangerous for the environment.
•Have a wider beam angle of more than 180 degree of these lights that make it capable enough to illuminate the wider area as well.
In addition to giving you great energy saving option, these integrated tubes that are purchased from LEDMyplace are UL and DLC certified thus allowing you to get necessary rebates from various electric companies.

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