Witness Lesser Road Accidents by Installing these 300w LED Pole Lights

Latham, New York - 11 Feb, 2019
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Streets are the places which becomes risky especially when the Sun set downs and there are insufficient lights on the streets that make it unsafe for the pedestrians to reach their destination on time and in a secured way. Hence to have better and enhanced lighting at the nights, we can use LED pole lights as the best available option to brighten the environment. A 300w LED pole light would be an ideal light to use at the parks, roads, streets among many other outer areas.

Advantages of using 300w LED pole lights are as follows:

* These 300w LED pole lights comes with easy installation process and are perfect for all kinds of poles such as round and square along with the option to adjust the head accordingly.
* These pole lights start instantly with no noise or flickering, also these street lights are IP 65 rated making them withstand all kind of difficult weathers.
* The heat-sink keep these LED pole lights cool and safer to use for long number of hours, once installed these 300w LED pole lights produce lighting results for at least 50,000 hours.
* Also the lumen output of these lights is more than 40,000 with color temperature of 5700K and by replacing them with conventional lights you can make almost 80% power savings.

Last but not the least, these 300w LED pole lights are eco-friendly way of making the surroundings more cheerful and from the economic point of view as well; this LED lighting technology is non-beatable to the traditional HID lamps.

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