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Grab Deal !! Purchase Now Cheap and Best 4 foot LED Lights

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Do you ever worry that what will be the reason for your high costing energy-bills? No!! You must be thinking that may be you using more energy not switching of the appliances after use, Yes it can be one of the reasons. But may be the most common lighting fixture mostly used by everyone tube will lead you high energy-bills. Because using fluorescent tubes cost you high energy-bills that’s why we offer you 4 foot led light.
So, what’s so special about this 4 foot led lights? This T8 4 foot led Tube Lights are specially designed for indoor residential areas. This tubes are ballast compatible means you can install this tubes in your existing ballast fixture. By installing this 4ft LED tube Light at your indoor spaces you can create a true ambiance of light all over area.

Here are the salient features of 4 foot led lights:

* Cost-efficient
* 4000K to 6500K Color Temperature
* 2400 Lumen to 3000 Lumen output
* Ballast Compatible
* 50,000 hours long life
* RoHS Compliant and CE certified
* DLC and UL Listed
* 5-years manufacturer warranty
* Free-Shipping on CAD 199
* days return policy

This T8 4 foot led Tube Lights is the most preferred tubes by our customer, Limited Stocks available place your order now before stocks runs out. To place your order visit our website or contact us on (437-800-1071).
For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/collections/4-feet-led-tube-lights


3629 4th Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90018

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