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Install A19 E26 Dimmable LED light Bulbs and Save on Energy Bills

Los Angeles, California - 21 Jun, 2019
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Over the decades we all are using incandescent bulbs and the time passes we introduced by CFL bulbs as an energy-saving lighting option. But time passes like anything and the requirement of the energy-saving lighting is increasing and to fulfill the need LEDMyplace introduces E26 LED Bulb Dimmable designed bulbs which are having an impeccable energy-saving capability.

This A19 E26 Dimmable LED Light Bulb saves approx 80% of energy in comparison to your old conventional bulbs. While this E26 Dimmable LED Bulb would not compromise with the brightness and offers you 6500K color temperature with a CRI>80 which delivers the finest and dark spot free illumination.

Why E26 LED Bulb Dimmable take over CFL and Incandescent bulbs?

• Rebate-eligible
• No-Dark-Spot
• Cool white light
• Energy-Saving
• Flicker-Free
• Dimmable
• 15,000 hours of life efficiency
• HighCRI>80
• UV and Mercury Free
• Ultra-Wide beam angle- 230-degree
• 6500K of Color Temperature

This E26 LED Bulb Dimmable are having an E26 base type and can be retrofitted in your existing fixture. For more information contact our customer support on (888-972-6211).

For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/a19-dimmable-led-light-bulb-9-8w-energy-star-6500k-cool-white-800-lumens-e26

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