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Install 150w LED UFO High Bay Lights to Grow Your Business

Louisville, Kentucky - 14 May, 2019
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We all are well aware of the LED UFO high bay lights that are specially designed for the high ceiling areas to ensure a smooth running of the overall operations without getting affected by the insufficient lights.
These lights can be used at many places including warehouses, convenience stores, parking lots among many other places and you can buy a 150w LED UFO high bay light if the height of the ceiling is between 15-25fts.

Advantages using these 150w LED UFO High Bay light are as follows:
The 150w LED UFO high bay produces 21,000 lumens with lumen efficiency of 150 lumens per watt, by using 150 watts high way light you can replace a 400 watts MH light and can make great savings that can support your massive expansion plans.
Also, the color temperature is 4000K which is neither too bright nor too dull to illuminate the surroundings.
Comes with a beam angle of 120 degree that offers uniform lighting in covering the entire bigger space or area.
The Acrylic lens and IP65 Waterproof rating make this 150w LED UFO high bay lights perfect for all different climatic conditions.
You can also get rebates and incentives from some of the electric companies, thanks to the DLC certified.
It comes with a dimming feature that ranges from 0V to 10V.
If you own any big commercial unit and the higher electricity bills are bothering you much, then it’s the time to make the change by starting using 150w LED UFO high bay lights to save more fuel and money.
For More Info: https://www.ebay.com/itm/112431555794

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