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Replace MH Lights with 150W LED Pole Lights in an Economical Way

Louisville, Kentucky - 14 May, 2019
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Make sure that the lights you are selecting for the outdoor lighting purposes, comes with a quicker and easier installing process so that you don’t end up wasting your time and efforts in getting them fixed one in regard to the quick installation process, you will also feel much delighted by using the LED pole lights that comes with many mounting options and one such kind of this light is a 150w LED pole light.
Advantages of using these LED pole lights are as follows:
These bronze colored LED pole lights to have IP65 Rating making them perfect to use at the wet locations as well.
The ultra-wide angle optic lens allows the equal and even light distribution that is useful to illuminate wide areas and spaces.
On average, the lumen output of these 150w LED pole lights is close to 14000 lumens, far much better than the normal MH lights. Also, it's color temperature is 5700K.
These 150w LED pole lights have a photocell sensor that will automatically turn on and off in the presence or absence of any motion.
Also, these LED shoebox lights feature an attractive modern/minimalist design and use high-power LEDs for producing non-beatable lighting results.
So start using these 150w LED pole lights that are lightweight with no bulky heat sink making the replacement of metal halide / HPSlights much easier and economical.
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