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Marathon’s MaxiThermal2 Software for USB Data Loggers

627 McCormick Street,San Leandro, 94577, California, United States, Mammoth Lakes, California 93529Show Map - 21 Jan, 2020
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The Min-Max Plus is a reliable cost-effective digital temperature recorder that is ideal for laboratories, blood banks needing low-cost real-time information. It has an external 2 meter (6.56 ft.) probe that can measure temperatures as low as -35°C. Data logger calibration service
Marathon’s MaxiThermal2 Software allows you to view up to 8 multiple traces at one time, enables you to transfer the recorded information in your loggers to your computer, and to view, print and generate a report of the measurement data. The graphic representations are a simple X – Y plot of time versus temperature with unlimited zoom, view temperature data points on the graph, view total elapsed time, or the exact time when it was recorded. The graph and all data points (date, time and temperature) can be printed, as well as the ability to add a user note to the file for including information pertinent to that particular plot.Users have the ability to view numeric data in a screen window and Data can be Exported as a CSV file for use in other software. A Summary Information report showing the specific logger information, the Start and Stop Time, Duration of Recording, Measurement Interval, Highest, Lowest, Median and Average Temperatures as well as the High and Low Alarm information.

Specifications about Min/Max Plus

LCD Display: View ambient or probed temperatures in real-time, prior to downloading data.

Freeze Display: To freeze the display simply press the START button. To reset: simply press once again to reset and resume.

Visual Alarms: This data logger features user-programmable alarm limits. Should the temperature reach levels outside these limits, the LCD will display an alarm. Alarms are visible until reset by the user. Operation is as easy as pressing the START button on the logger.

USB Interface: Put the Min-Max Plus into the reader station to download recorded information.

Small Form Factor: The thumb-sized format fits easily into small spaces.

For more information or to place an order https://marathonproducts.com/product/min-max-plus/#1483571719208-13f78a46-84e6 please call 1-510-562-6450
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627 McCormick Street,San Leandro, 94577, California, United States, Mammoth Lakes, California 93529

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