Upgrade to 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlights with the CFL Lights

Manhattan, New York - 18 Feb, 2019
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The 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlight are preferred for the commercial and residential purposes due to its unique baffle trim design that helps in reducing the light glare and provide uniform lighting acroos the entire place. Also you can replace the existing halogen light at your place of up to 100 watts with these LED downlight that consumes only 15w of energy to produce 1000 lumens.

Other advantages of using 5/6’’ Dimmable LED downlights are as follows:

* These downlights are available in three different color temperature including 3000K, 4000K and 5000K; each color temperature has its unique lighting style that can be picked as per the lighting requirements.
* These 5/6’’ Dimmable LED downlights are compatible with standard dimmers and the dimming feature varies from 0-10V.
* You can install these downlights in an easier and time saving way.
* The lifespan of these 5/6’’ Dimmable LED downlights is more than 50,000 hours which is a significant time to consider.
* These lights are environment friendly form of lighting the environment and don’t produce any hazardous waste materials.
* These downlights will leave no dark spot even if you are using them to cover wider and larger place.

So without any kind of delay, shift to using these LED downlights that comes with 5 years of warranty as well, thus giving you more safe and trustworthy investment.

For more info please visit this site: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/12-pack-5-6-inch-dimmable-led-downlights-1000-lumens-15w

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