Why 2FT LED Linear High Bay Lights Appeal Customers?

Maysville, Kentucky - 12 Feb, 2019
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To increase the overall ambience at your hotels or supermarkets, in addition to the superior quality interiors, you need proper lighting as well to make the things noticed in the eyes of your tentative customers. And if the place of your commercial unit is relatively higher, you can use linear high bay lights that are designed to glorify the space. Among many one type of light is a 2ft LED linear high bay light that can increase the visibility and ambience.
Advantages of using a 2FT LED Linear High Bay Lights are as follows:
• On an average, this 2FT LED Linear High Bay Lights produce close to 21,450 lumens with color temperature of 5000K. This LED high bay light that uses 165w of energy, is perfect to replace with a 400W MH fixture and can have savings of 180W per fixture.
• Once fixed, these high bay lights will make the environment brighter full for a period of almost 50,000 hours that too if kept on for 12 hours a day it will work for more than 6 years.
• This fixture of these 2FT LED Linear High Bay Light can be fixed on the ceiling of the space very easily which reduces the installation time to one-fifth to what the traditional fixtures consume.
• Get wide beam angle of 110 degrees of these lights covering a larger area, comes with an IP 65 rated and DLC certified
So use these LED linear high bay lights and attract more number of guests and customers towards your hotels, naturally the more the number of visitors, the more your sales will be.

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