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New LEDMyplace 150W LED Pole Lights 2019

Melbourne Beach, Florida - 12 Feb, 2019
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In addition to checking the brightness and other specifications in selecting the lights, it is important to pick those lights that come with quicker installation process and for the same there are no better lights then the LED pole lights that can be installed in the most time-saving way. Among various LED pole lights, one is a 150w LED pole lights that can be used at the highways or streets in a safer and secured way.
•These 150w LED pole lights come with an IP65 Rating making them perfect to protect themselves from the dust and low pressure water jets coming from any or all directions.
•The ultra-wide angle optic lens used in these lights provides an uniform and equal distribution of the light rays that provide enough light to the drivers who are using the roads during the late night hours.
•On an average, a 150w LED pole lights produces 21,000 lumens along with the color temperature of 5700K.
•The photocell sensor in these pole lights make them turn the lights automatically on and off according to the surrounding lighting which play a significant role in reducing the requirement of energy to a greater extent.
So upgrade to these LED pole lights and have a hassle free lighting for more number of years and with enough brightness that is being emitted by these lights, you will reach your home safely and timely.
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