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How to Remove AOL Email Account?

Miami, Florida - 28 Mar, 2019
  • Computers & Laptops


Do you have multiples of AOL emails account and wants to delete or remove your AOL email account? Or want to close or remove your existing one email account? No matter whatever the reason for deleting the AOL email account. Well, AOL is the best email service provider and known for providing amazing features. Previously, AOL was known by the name AOL.Inc and originally known as America Online and it offers web-based online service which is based in New York City. Simply, delete or remove the AOL email account by following the below mentioned steps. But before deleting your AOL mail account, you need to be ensured of the following things, and they are as follows:

Ensure that you have been taking a back up of all your important emails, contacts, and documents, etc.
Make sure that if you have any paid subscription related to the AOL Mail. First, confirm all dues and unsubscribe it.
Check that do you have any social media account which is associated or linked with your AOL Mail account.
Furthermore, inform all those people who usually contact you via this email address and also provide them your alternate email address.

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