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Ambush On McClure Pass! Western Frontier eBook #11

Mount Crested Butte, Colorado - 13 Jun, 2018
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“Ambush On McClure Pass!” © 2013 by Raymond Cook is a 205 page story about Patty Ford who is the only survivor when six rustlers attack and kill her parents and four brothers and steal their herd in 1898. Patty’s left for dead and a Parson and a school teacher headed up McClure Pass find her. They get Patty back to town where Doc Miller’s wife, Kelly tends to the woman’s three bullet wounds. The school teacher will use her buckboard to accompany the sheriff and his deputy’s to retrieve Patty’s family’s bodies and have them buried.
In the mean time later that afternoon two twin brothers Don and Billy Kilpatrick who are gunfighters are shot on their way to Marble after they killed seven men over a crooked card game in a Redstone saloon. When they ride into town and fall off their horses, sheriff Coldstar mistakenly thinks they have something to do with Patty’s family’s murders and they are locked up. It is a long recovery for all three people and slowly a friendship is formed.
When spring arrives after kneeling besides her father’s grave and saying goodbye she vows to find the six men whose horses carried the triple ‘L’ brand and kill them. Her journey will take her and the two brothers to Colorado Springs, Colorado where Patty will buy a rundown saloon and renovate it. Patty figures that sooner or later the six men who killed her family and shot her will one day walk into her saloon.

This is my 11th of 24 western frontier ebooks written since 2011.

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