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Install 8ft LED Tube Inside Homes to Provide Natural Environment

Mountain Home, Idaho - 13 Feb, 2019
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Ensuring that your loved ones are same inside and outside the homes is your priority which can be overlooked at all, especially while inside the homes, we try to use have maximum safety of our loved ones. The lighting we choose play a significant role in enhancing the security of our loved ones and we use LED lights we can have safe environment. Among many lights, one is an 8ft LED tubes that are not at all dangerous for our loved ones.

Benefits of using 8ft LED tube are as follows:

* On an average, this 8ft LED tube that consumes 48w of energy produces 5800 lumens with color temperature of 6500K making it fresher and pleasant.
* Once used these lights can work for up to 50,000 hours and are better than the normal halogen lights; also the beam angle of these lights is more than 120 degree that eradicate the dark spots from extreme corners as well.
* These single pin 8ft LED tubes can provide light without ballast as well which makes the installation process much easier and time saving.
* You can get 5 years of Manufacturer's Warranty on buying these LED lighting technology.

So replace those halogen lights with these eco-smart lighting technology that neither any kind of sound on turning them on nor give any kind of electric shocks which otherwise can be very dangerous.

For More Info Please visit this site: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/8ft-led-tube-2row-48w-5800-lumens-2row-single-pin-6500k-clear

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