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High Quality Led Cooler Lights are being Widely used for Refrigerators and Coolers! Buy now

New York, New York - 28 Dec, 2018
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LED technology and lighting systems are becoming the new standard for lighting for both commercial building/space owners and residents. These lights are replacing inefficient incandescent and fluorescent lighting in various industries. LED lights are becoming increasingly common in all major applications right from commercial to home applications. Home applications also include various refrigerators, coolers and freezers where led cooler lights are being widely used due to the best lighting performance and energy savings.

At LED My Place, we offer a wide range of LED cooler lights which are totally worth it for using in refrigerators, coolers, and freezers that store food and beverages and need bright lighting. Our led cooler tube is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and helps businesses save significant amounts of energy. If you are looking to retrofit beer cases, coolers, and freezers with more efficient lighting fixtures, our cooler tube is the best bet. Having a 5000K color temperature and a CRI of more than 80, our cooler tube provides commercial and industrial business owners with excellent energy savings. Besides offering a neutral white-daylight color glow, the lighting provided by our led cooler tube is uniform and even thus improving the look of any food merchandise. Buy best quality light fixtures for beer cases, freezers, bars, and coolers for your commercial space and enjoy a high performance for years to come.

Below are the features of our led cooler tube.
High performance enabled at sub zero temperature
Clear tube with zero risk of glass breakage
5000K color temperature
3840 lumen output
50,000 hours lifespan
180 degree beam angle
32 watt
Excellent heat dissipation

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