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New york, New York, New York 10008 - 09 Feb, 2021


Learn Python from Basic to Advance with project covering Web development, Django, and Data visualization
If you want to start a carrier in Python programming, then you will definitely love this Training. This course is designed by our experienced trainers which will provide great exposure to Beginners and Pro programmers.
This Python training will eventually take you through the scratch of programing to advance Python concept with bunch of hands-on practical’s like coding a calculator, Web framework, GUI of programing, data visualization, machine learning and many more.
Who we are:
Our experienced trainers design this course. They will provide great exposure to Beginners and Pro programmers with many hands-on practicals like coding a calculator, Web framework, GUI of programming, data visualization, machine learning, and many more.

Some of the benefits of joining the Python online training organized by Technovids
• Training conducted by real time working professionals
• You get the session recording for the future reference
• No hassle of travelling, attend the session from anywhere
• Basic requirement (PC/Mobile with the respective software installed which you want to learn)
• Real time support in case of any escalations
• Post training mail support (for limited time)

Page link: https://technovids.com/us/
MOB NO - 9174108142

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