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Private tutoring by experienced Math, Science, English … Tutors!

New York, New York - 09 Aug, 2017
  • Private tutoring by experienced Math, Science, English … Tutors!
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Our highly experienced teachers would be happy to help with homework assignments, school/university projects or help you on a regular basis with a school subject. Our tutors specialize in a variety of fields: Mathematics, English, Spanish, German, French, Chemistry, Software programming, Accounting, Test preparation …
All our recruited tutors are from top universities, high schools and colleges with outstanding tutoring experience.
What sets us apart from our competitors?
www.GoalTutors.com provides an online platform where high-level tutors can individually tutor you through Video Conference (Skype) and Microsoft office collaborating tools.
Our advantages:
- Flexible hours and time saving (No need to spend time commuting)

Because of our online platform your can have a tutoring lesson anywhere and at any time.

- Affordable prices. (Our online tutors charges significantly less than competitors)

Example: Our expert tutors charge less because don’t need to waste their time commuting to their tutoring locations. Typically online tutoring saves about 1.5 hour per lesson compared to in person tutoring.

- Convenient collaborating tools (work on the same document simultaneously)
Example: You are communicating with your private tutor through video chat and working on your school assignment document at the same time remotely. You can type and even draw on a scanned paper document.
Learn from the best at affordable price. To learn more visit https://www.goaltutors.com/faq.html