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Telecommute and Earn $2,000 - $3,000 a week WORKING FROM HOME (REALISTIC INCOME)

. 2 shifts. 9-5 PM or 12-8 PM.

** PAID every FRIDAY!!! **

Get ready to sell or take orders from customers who want Satellite TV, Cable TV, Internet or Phone services installed in their homes. Everyone in the U.S. wants and needs these services. They can't live without it.

Agents are averaging 5-10 sales per day. It's like taking candy from a baby or shooting fish in a barrel. We have reps working from home across the U.S. making an extremely lucrative "6 figure living" simply signing customers up for Satellite TV, Cable TV, Internet and phone services.

Telemarketers, Appointment setters, Sales reps, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate agents, Title companies and Business Professionals, YOU have found a home!!! U.S. Call centers and Off shore call centers Welcome! Be your own BOSS!
No more knocking on doors and cold calling. That's a thing of the past...

**This is a 1099 Call Agent Position. (Independent Contractor).
**(which means you are not an employee)


We have the successful mastermind BLUEPRINT for Social Media Marketing to get your phone to ring non-stop all day long where you're just an order taker which is sales persons dream! There is no other product or service that is easier to make money with and will generate a more steady reliable 6 figure income then this.

9 Minute Webinar explaining the opportunity.
Make sure to maximize the video and turn your sound up.(video will cut-off after 9 minutes 11 seconds).

Click here... https://www.screencast.com/t/xXsxmDk2O

We will show you how to get jot forms filled out and having them land in your inbox all day long.
(These are RED HOT LEADS so you can follow up)

We will give you proven emails and text messages for you to follow up with your potential customers to sell the services.

No credit check, No deposits, No contracts - Everyone is approved!!!

Agents are averaging 5-10 orders a day making $500-$600 a day. That's $2000-$3000 a week. Remember, you are selling products that every single person needs. Satellite TV / Cable TV / Internet / Phone are just as important as an Electric or water bill!!
Everyone has to have it to survive!

*After you watch the video and you are interested in GETTING STARTED, you can email me at:


Brooklyn, New York, New York 11205

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