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General Benefits Of Hover Doors Automatic Door

Orange County, California, Orange, California 92626 - 24 Jan, 2023


Upgrade your commercial space with a state-of-the-art automatic sliding door from Hover Doors! Our doors are equipped with cutting-edge magnetic levitation technology that ensures a smooth, effortless sliding motion. The sleek, modern design of these doors will enhance the look of any commercial space, and the automatic feature allows for easy hands-free entry and exit. Plus, with a lifetime floating warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Hover Door is protected.

With hover doors’ maglev automatic doors, it’s different. The door has a simple design that eliminates the support bearing wheels, so the door can open and close millions of times without maintenance or replacement, like conventional doors.

And because the door floats in the air, due to the magnetic cushion, only one kilogram of thrust is needed to open a door weighing up to 220 pounds, helping save electricity by using a small motor.

Automatic doors are convenient, but another drawback of this type of door is it requires regular maintenance and repair. Because the operating frequency of automatic doors is considered high, it often runs into specific errors such as damaged electrical circuits, worn bearings, etc. That costs time and money due to the complexity of the system.

With hover doors’ automatic commercial doors, it’s different. Hover doors’ maglev automatic doors put all the high-tech and power supplies in one minute box. If any damage occurs, it only takes 15 to 30 minutes to replace the box.

Compared to the complex system of conventional automatic doors, maglev automatic doors make this process simpler, faster, and much more cost-effective.

Gliding smoothly while floating is guaranteed for a lifetime without any maintenance. When we work together, we can create a futuristic living space, save the planet and protect mother earth.

✔ No Support Wheels

✔ No Maintenance

✔ No Replacement

✔ No Waste…Save The Planet and Protect Mother Earth

Maglev automatic door is the optimal investment for your building, thanks to its modern benefits. The product is enhanced and perfected to ensure it can bring the most advantages compared to other types of automatic doors. Hover doors’ maglev automatic doors meet quality standards with outstanding performance.

Hover doors are known as a brand that provides maglev door products for the first time. Contact hover doors to learn more about maglev automatic doors and our other products.

To know more: https://hoverdoors.com/floating-automatic-sliding-door-commercial-usa/

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