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Certificate Program in Postcolonial Hindu Studies | HINDU UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA

5200 Vineland Rd #125, Orlando, Florida 32811 - 13 Jan, 2023


Certificate Programs in Postcolonial Hindu Studies

In order to complete the certificate programs, six courses comprising of 18 credit hours will have to be completed. Students will have to first complete the Orientation to Hindu Studies course (1 Credit Hour) and then the following 6 courses.

Hindu University of America (HUA) was laid out in 1989 and was approved in 1993 to furnish understudies with a novel scholastic climate to investigate the information frameworks established in and rising up out of Vedic idea for example the methods of reasoning, customs, culture, and development that has come to be called Hinduism in the famous creative mind.

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Address- 5200 Vineland Rd 125 Orlando, FL 32811

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