Switch to LED Downlight Fixtures to have energy-saving option over the conventional lights

Pinson, Alabama - 27 Mar, 2019
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Today new types of lights are available in the market with the name LED Downlights that can be easily placed in the ceiling to deliver maximum lighting results. These LED downlight fixtures can be used in schools, offices, hallways, staircases among many other places to have multifunctional uses.

Not only the LED downlight fixtures are 85% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs in fact are available in variety of designs as well that all produce much less heat.

There are many types of downlights available at LEDMYplace and among many you can choose 8’’ LED downlights that come with junction box as well to ease the installing process.

Other benefits of using 8’’ LED downlight fixtures are as follows:

* These LED downlights can be placed at inside locations and by replacing these 30w LED downlight fixtures with the traditional downlights, you can save more than 80% energy.

* Comes with a lumen output of 2250 lumens, you can replace this downlight with any other traditional downlight of up to 200w.

* Comes with a dimming option which will give you additional savings along with adjusting the intensity of lights as well.

* No hazardous waste materials are found in these dimmable LED downlights and therefore they are environmentally safe products.

* Comes with an IP44 rating that protects the LED downlight fixtures against any ingress of dust or water and can be used even in wet or damp locations as well.

So use these LED downlight fixtures that when replaced with halogen lights, will give you almost 88% in energy savings which is mainly due to the latest technology embedded in these lights making them superior than the normal lights.

For more info please visit these site: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/8-inch-led-dimmable-downlight-30w-w-junction-box

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