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Comodo Code Signing Certificates for e-commerce vendors that makes trusted business

Saint Petersburg, Florida - 01 Jan, 2013


Comodo digital code signing certificates safeguards software from tampering, keeps integrity of code. Code signing digital IDs (or certificates) allow content publishers including software developers to sign their content that includes software objects, macros, device drivers, firmware images, virus updates, configuration files or other types of content for secure delivery over the Internet.

Cheap Code Signing Certificate designed for commercial software developers, companies and other organizations that publish software.


5 year @ just $75.24 /yr.

Key Features:

- Authenticity with Digital IDs
- Improve customer Confidence
- Seamless Integration with business standard technology
- Robust implementation of code signing technology
- Conjunction with the vendor software tools
- Creates a trusted distribution channel
- Trusted over the all major browsers
- E-commerce vendors to create a trusted sales outlet over internet

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