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EMDR Therapy for Trauma and PTSD with Jim Toombs, MA, LMFT in San Antonio

1850 Lockhill Selma Rd #101 C San Antonio, TX 78213, San Antonio, Texas 78213 - 07 May, 2024


EMDR therapy, offered by Jim Toombs, MA, LMFT in San Antonio, is a transformative approach for addressing trauma and PTSD. Through this innovative therapy, individuals can find healing and relief from distressing memories and experiences. EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, helps process traumatic memories by engaging the brain's natural healing mechanisms. Jim Toombs guides clients through this therapeutic process with empathy and expertise, creating a safe environment where healing can take place. If you're seeking effective treatment for trauma-related challenges, consider exploring EMDR therapy with Jim Toombs in San Antonio.

Company Name: - Jim Toombs, MA, LMFT, EMDR
Address: - 1850 Lockhill Selma Rd #101 C San Antonio, TX 78213
Phone: - 210-710-6555
Website: - https://jimtoombs.com

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