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Boost your business ROI via moLotus

San Francisco, California 94111 - 31 May, 2022


Improving ROI is always a business priority, but with limited resources and mounting pressure to perform, how do you make headway? To be able to scale business ROI you need a powerful marketing technology. moLotus technology offers 100X ROI to brands and telcos with 2 to 4% uplift in ARPU and 30% cost savings.

moLotus is a mobile video customer interaction platform and technology owned by Novosol, a global mobile technology company. It serves brands and telcos to acquire, engage and retain customers via real mobile advertising and breakthrough transformation.

Brands and telcos are on a path of exponential business growth earning new high margin mobile advertising revenues via moLotus. They are using this unique platform to create hyper-personalized, customized, interactive, globally scalable and automated Mobile Advertising campaigns delivering value to a massive customer base. No spam, No app, no data plan required! They can easily transform their customer processes via moLotus breakthrough Transformation capabilities earning high revenues at reduced costs. Subscriber Monetization, Innovation, Mobile Advertising, Transformation and Digitization become convenient and profitable for global telecom operators as they enter into ‘Win-Win Strategic Partnerships’ with moLotus. To explore and know more about moLotus connect with us. To know more, visit https://www.molotus.com/ or mail at molotus@novosol.biz

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