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San Francisco, California - 04 Nov, 2019
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Virtual Desk Jobs is seeking remote independent contractors for law enforcement transcriptionists needed. This will include interrogations, jail phone calls, 911 operator recordings, victim statements, body cam audio, and radio chatter.

Job requirements:

US Citizen.
Candidates must be able to pass a criminal background check at the expense of OTS if clean.

Required equipment:

Windows based PC running Windows 7 or above.
Microsoft Office versions 2007 and above.
Dedicated computer.
Foot pedal.
Wav Player.
High-speed Internet (broadband or satellite).

Apply To Become A Transcriptionist Member:

https://virtualdeskjobs.com/join-now/ and select the transcription job bank portal.

Please reference agent ID code VDJSADIE.

Please contact us directly to discuss remote transcription job openings at 405-494-0214.

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