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Top Business Entrepreneurs of the USA - Lee Hnetinka

626 Lisbon Street, San Francisco, California 94112Show Map - 22 May, 2019


Lee Hnetinka has become a popular name in the list of top business entrepreneurs of the USA. From WunWun to Darkstore he has appeared in the form of a successful businessman.
When it comes to Lee Hnetinka biography then we find that from his childhood he has a zeal of doing something independently that’s why being graduated from science (BSC in marketing) stream he choose different journey and created his own way for being an entrepreneur.
Lee opened his first company in 2012 named WunWun which was a 1-hour delivery app, for delivering orders from restaurant and store. However, he sold it later to Hello Alfred in 2015 and in the same year opened another organisation named Black in 24 Inc. It was also a delivery platform which provides on-demand 3PL services.
Well, this was not just over for an ambitious entrepreneur as he come-up with his next technology-driven formula and his another startup Darkstore which he started operating in 2017. It ’s a delivery platform which provides same-day delivery to the American cities named Phoenix, San Fransisco and New York. Though, the service will be available soon in the other American locations.


626 Lisbon Street, San Francisco, California 94112

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