Santa Cruz

Artists & Performers

Abstract Watercolor Painting for Self-Expression Workshop with Luz Donahue

106 E. MAIN STREET LOS GATOS, CA 95030 408.354.2646, Santa Cruz, California 95030 - 29 Jan, 2020


Come learn a new way to interact with watercolor painting. Explore your own visual voice and find mindfulness by through play. All materials are provided and students with any level of experience are welcome. If you've never tried painting before, this process will still be fun for you. If you're a seasoned painter you'll get a chance to explore another way of experiencing your practice. Abstract painting can be very fun and low pressure because we're not trying to create anything specific. Rather, we're responding to ourselves and learning what we like as we create. We'll explore various ways of using the materials through demonstrations and optional structure. This class is a wonderful way to connect with a friend or take some "you" time. Students will create several paintings during this class without any planning or goals.

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