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Get The Best LED UFO High Bay 200W For Warehouse Lighting

Suwanee, Georgia - 30 Mar, 2019
  • $141


LEDMyplace brings a lighting fixture which specially designed to fulfill your all warehouse & industrial lighting needs, LED UFO High Bay 200W a fixture with a high lumens intensity of 29,000 lumens with the color temperature from 4000K to 5700K and emits the utmost brightness at your warehouse by eliminating all dark-spot.
This LED UFO High Bay 200W is a DLC listed fixture which makes it eligible for the rebate after the purchase, and dimmable features make it remarkably energy-efficient and replace your fluorescent fixture and (MH) metal-halide fixture up to 800 watts.
Here are some features of LED UFO High Bay 200W
● Wattage-Input up to 200 watt
● Replace 800W (MH) and fluorescent fixture
● Color Temperature - 4000K to 5700K
● Rebate Eligible
● IP65 rated water and dust-proof
● Dimmable
● UL Listed
● DLC Premium Listed
● 30-Days return policy
● Free-Shipping Over- 99$
This LED UFO High Bay 200W can last up to 50,000 hours running and LEDMyplace providing you 5-Years manufacturer warranty. So, what you are thinking, pick up your phone and contact us on (888-972-6211).
Buy Now At Discounted Price: https://www.ledmyplace.com/collections/led-ufo-high-bay/200-watt

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