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Buy Now T8 4ft LED Tube 22W V Shape Integrated at Cheap Price on Sale !!

Texas City, Texas - 31 May, 2019
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  • T8 4ft


Save more than 90% money on lighting bills by installing T8 4ft 22W LED integrated tube. It is an indoor low ceiling light source that keeps the space illuminated at low energy consumption. If you want to add a positive environment to your space than this fixture would be ideal for you.
Apart from energy consumption, it is suitable to install the tube to damp locations. With the plug and
play installation, this tube doesn’t need any costly maintenance to enhance its durability.

Why consider T8 4ft 22W LED integrated tube?

* Light dispersion angle: - This integrated tube comes with the 180-degree beam angle that
brightens the wider space and doesn’t waste lighting by illuminating irrelevant objects.
* Light quality: - With the cool white light output, it also brightens up space with 80+ high CRI light
that shows the real color of objects.
* the energy savings: so replace your fluorescent tube with these T8 4ft LED Tube 22W V Shape Integrated and reduce the electricity bills by much amount.
* You will get UL and DLC certified LED Tube V Shape Integrated that are eligible for rebates & incentives from the electric companies.

The T8 4ft 22W LED integrated tube is ETL certified and its IP44 rating specifies that it can protect itself from dust and water. Grab them as soon as possible and get the free shipping T&C apply.
For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/t8-4ft-led-tube-22w-integrated-2-row-6500k-clear

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