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Grab Deal On 2X4 LED Panel Lights on Sale !!

Texas City, Texas - 14 May, 2019
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Today all the business owner look for buying the LED lighting products as they are energy efficient
form of lights and deliver brighter results as compared to the traditional lights. If you are among the
one, who is looking to enhance the indoor lighting system then you can install LED panel lights at the
indoor places so that the offices look brighter and appealing from inside as well. You can install
rectangular shaped 2’ x 4’ LED panel light among many other types of lights so that you can enjoy
soft and uniform lighting across the offices thus making the place look more contemporary.

Other advantages of using these 2’ x 4’ LED panel light are as follows:

* The 2’x 4’ LED panel light is highly portable light and can make the place look more contemporary and elegant as well, if you install 72w 2x4 panel LED lights that produce 7200
lumens then there is no need to continue using 400w of traditional fluorescent tubes.
* You can make 75% energy savings if replaced with the traditional panel lights and also these lights does not contain mercury or lead and thus leave no carbon footprint.
* The Color Temperature of these panel offer pleasant lighting rays that can make the ambience look more beautiful and enhanced as well.
* These lights have wider beam angle that is helpful in illuminating extreme corners inside your office as well, no replacement and maintenance cost are attached to these lights.
* Comes with 5 years of warranty as well from the manufacturer side.
So make the offices look more beautiful from inside as well by installing 2’ x 4’ LED panel light and
enjoy hassle free lighting results for greater than 50,000 Hours as well.

For more info:https://www.ledmyplace.com/collections/2x4

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