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Grab Discount Available Now on 150w LED Pole Lights !!

Texas City, Texas - 16 May, 2019
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You can increase the savings by more than double by using LED pole lights at the outer locations of your big commercial buildings due to two main reasons, firstly they are energy efficient form of lighting the environment and secondly they are UL and DLC certified lights which allow you to get attractive rebate from the electric companies as well. A 150w LED Pole Lights would be perfect to illuminate the streets, highways and lot of other places as well.

Advantages of using a 150W LED Pole light are as follows:

* By consuming just 150w of energy, these LED pole lights can produce 20,000 lumens; also the color temperature is 5700K which is most suitable for lighting the large areas in the night.
* You can replace any MH light of up to 400w with this 150w LED pole light and can make significant reductions in the overall utility bills.
* The life duration of these black colored lights is 50,000 hours which is non beatable to the normal halogen or mercury lights.
* To withstand all kind of difficult weather conditions, these 150w LED pole light come with IP65 Rated in addition to cULus, DLC, CE and ROHS approvals.

So upgrade to these LED pole lights and making the savings which you can surely utilize in expanding or growing your business presence across the globe. In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, you can also enjoy 5 years of warranty from the manufacture’s end.
For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/led-pole-light-150watt-5700k-black

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