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Grab Discount Available on 300W LED Pole Light !!

Texas City, Texas - 28 May, 2019
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Parking lights are generally the outdoor lighting that are commonly used at parking lots, pathways, driveways among many other places. One of the brightest street light is LED pole lights that provide illumination at the places which is used by the vehicles and pedestrians during the late night hours. You can install a 300w LED pole light that is photocell enabled and prove to more beneficial than the incandescent and fluorescent lights.

Specifications of a 300w LED pole light are as follows:

* These users’ friendly lights are simple to replace with the existing MH lights and come with the adjustable mounting option.
* These 300w LED pole lights are best suitable for both kind of poles including round and square, and also for the wall mounting purposes that gives the flexibility to adjust the head.
* Start these pole lights instantly with no vibrations.
* The durable die-cast, low copper content aluminum housing is powder coated for enhanced efficiency and durability.
* Use these eco-friendly lights for a period of at least 50,000 hours with very low time-luminosity decay.
* The premium LED chips used will produce very less heat, saving the electricity and can be used for longer period of time.
* The lumen output of these 300w LED pole lights is 40,000 with color temperature of 5700K.

The lights we use on the streets play a very significant role in reducing the crimes from the city as majority of the crimes happen in the darker areas only. But with these lights, you can surely make a lot of difference in reducing the number of crimes including murder, kidnapping, robbery etc from the city.
For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/300w-led-pole-light-with-photocell-5700k-universal-mount-bronze-ac100-277v

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