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Grab Discount on 5ft LED Cooler Tube for Refrigerator !!

Texas City, Texas - 27 May, 2019
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Doesn't matter how efficient is your fluorescent tube was but they never match the level of T8 5ft LED Cooler Tube. Because if you are having a conventional store, supermarket then you definitely have a freezer and to enlighten your freezer efficiently you need to replace your fluorescent tubes with this T8 5ft LED Cooler Tube and gets the illumination you worth it.

This T8 5ft LED Cooler Tube is specially designed to provide a safe brightness at your cooler and creates proper visibility of your food and beverages to your customers. Well, this tubes don't immense any harmful ammunition and keeps your food and beverage totally safe.

Features of T8 5ft LED Cooler Tube :
* Easy Installation
* 5000K Color Temperature
* 4000+ Lumen output
* High Performance enables at sub-zero temperature
* Zero-risk of glass breaking
* 180 degree (beam angle)
* IP54-rating (weather-proof)
* CRI>80
* 50,000 Hours long life
* Aluminium Heat Sink
* Low Maintenance cost
* Rebate-eligible
* 5-years manufacturer warranty

This T8 5ft LED Cooler Tube are the integrated tubes do not require fixture for installation. Further, this tube needs just a connecting cable for installing to the main power supply. For any information contact us on (888-972-6211).
For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/collections/5-feet-cooler-tubes

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