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Purchase Best MR16 LED Bulbs on Discount Now !!

Texas City, Texas - 10 May, 2019
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The LED lights are the latest and most exciting technological advancement that is being used by the business as well as homeowners across the globe, these LEDs operate totally in a different and energy efficient way than the traditional incandescent light bulbs and give more beneficially lighting results as well. The LED bulbs from LEDMyPlace can be used at many places including homes, shops, garages etc among many other places.

Out of many LED bulbs you can use MR16 LED bulbs that when replaced with the existing halogen and fluorescent light bulbs can give energy savings of up to 90%.

Other advantages of using these MR16 LED bulbs are as follows:

* Comes with a beam angle of 35 degrees, these MR16 LED bulbs can be used for general purpose lighting, also these bulbs require 6.5w of energy to produce 500 lumens.
* You can replace these 6.5w MR16 bulbs LED with the 30w halogen bulbs to make energy savings of up to 90%, which is definitely a big number to consider.
* The color temperature of these MR16 LED bulbs is 5000K that provides neutral white-daywhite light glow and do not emit the yellowish hue which is mostly found in most of the traditional bulbs.
* These bulbs are dimmable and can be used for at least 25,000 hours.
* Also these MR16 bulbs produce very little heat as compared to the conventional bulb and hence can be used for a longer period of time as well.
So use these MR16 LED bulbs that come in a pack of 6 bulbs don't emit UV or Mercury light beam and hence have no health hazards linked to using them.

For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/12v-6-5w-mr16-dim-5000k-500lm-25000h-ul

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