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Reduce Electricity Bills by Installing 300w LED Flood Lights at Gym

Texas City, Texas - 30 May, 2019
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  • LED Flood Light 300W


If you own a big gym where lot of people are visiting your place for staying fit and healthy, you need to provide them with cooler and comfortable environment so that they can continue their workout sessions with full energy and passion. The lights you choose also play a significant role in making the environment more favorable, hence you can use 300W LED Flood Lights that will make the place cooler even if used for long continuous hours.

Specifications if a 300w LED Flood light that can be use indoor as well as the outer places are as follows:

* By using these 300w LED flood lights, you have the flexibility of installing the fixture in more than one way, either you can mount the fixture by yoke/flood method or can opt for the knuckle mounting method as well.
* The color temperature of 5700K is perfect to enjoy glare-free light beam. Also the lumen output is 40,521 that will make each and every corner of your place more appealing and clear.
* By using this 300W LED flood light, you can replace a 1000W of metal-halite and can make huge savings.
* These lights are IP 65 rated that protect them from dust or moisture.
* Once purchased, you can enjoy 5 Years of manufacturer’s warranty in addition to 30 days return guarantee.
* Offer beam Angle of 120 degrees or more.

So use these ling lasting LED flood lights at your gym and use them for at least 50,000 hours even if you are using these eco-friendly lights for 24 hours a day as well.
For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/flood-light-300-watt-5700k-ip65

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