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Usk, Washington - 04 Jan, 2019
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Are you worried about the escalating cost of lighting up your outdoors? It is well known to everyone that traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights and bulbs are known for their excessive power consumption and hence these lights cost more to run when used for outdoor applications. Thus people are now switching to led solar flood lights owing to many reasons and advantages. Besides lower electricity bills, they have a higher illumination intensity and brightness. With a greater efficiency of solar panel, unique weather proof features, they are more durable and efficient to run.

At LED My Place, we are the leading manufacturers of high intensity LED Solar Flood Light Set 30W w/ 80W Solar Panel, 6000K. Our led solar flood lights are a more renewable energy source that provides eco friendly lighting. Our solar powered lights are ideal for customers who want to save big on energy bills. A 7,200 lumens output, 6000K color temperature, huge energy savings, and extremely high intensity lighting make them a great substitute for incandescent lights. Our led solar flood lights have a high CRI of greater than 80 which also promotes safety and security in remote locations. These lights are helping create a more sustainable future and therefore they are in high demand by lakhs of customers.

Below are the features of our LED Solar Flood Light Set, 30W w/ 80W Solar Panel, 6000K

1. Energy-Efficiency Maximised
2. A long life of 50,000 hours
3. 100% energy-savings which mean 100% cost-savings
4. Beam angle & Non-directional Lighting
5. A high-intensity, broad-beamed light
6. Color temperature: 6000K (daywhite-cool white light glow)
7. CRI greater than 80

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