Ensure a Cleaner Environment by using 200w UFO LED High Bay Lights

Vancouver, Washington - 04 Feb, 2019
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The level of pollution in the air have increased so much due to the growing number of industries which have made Earth a difficult place to live in an happier and healthier way. Rather than playing a blame game, lets try to make the change by using LED lights rather than the halogen lights that emit harmful gases. For the commercial places we can use a 200w UFO LED high bay light and can help in keeping the environment protected and clean.

Advantages of a 200w UFO LED high bay light are as follows:

* The lumen output of these 200w UFO LED high bay lights is more than 31,000 Lumens along with the lumen efficacy of 130 lumens per watt. Use them for a period of at least 6 years at the places where the indoor ceiling height ranges between 20-30ft.
* The beam angle of 120 degree is wider enough to remove all the dark spots from the extreme corners as well in a more enriched way.
* You can get IP65 rated lights that make them more durable during moisture and dust, also these 200w UFO LED high bay lights come with cULus, DLC and FCC approval.
* LEDMyplace’s high bays have 5 years of warranty attached to them along with 30 day return policy.
* The color temperature of these LED high bay lights is 5700K.

So let’s begin to save the environment from getting polluted and install these mercury and lead free UFO LED high bay lights rather than MH or halogen lights that emit much smoke.

For more info please visit this site: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/200w-led-high-bay-ufo-4000k-ac100-277v-dlc-premium-black

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