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2x4 LED Panel Lights are the Perfect Replacement to MH Lights

Ventura, California - 04 Feb, 2019
  • $67


Selecting the best lighting for your homes and offices is very important to have a control on the electricity bills which otherwise increases rapidly if the wrong lights are selected. For creating the best lighting effects, without affecting the pocket at all is by using LED panel lights that are been made for the industrial, commercial and residential purposes only. Among many you can use a 2x4 LED panel lights to enjoy the beneath advantages.
• These rectangular shaped 2x4 LED panel lights produces 7200 lumens with color temperature of 5000K,
you can perfectly replace a 400W of fluorescent tube light with this 72w panel light and can make 328 watts
of energy savings.
• These lights produce soft and uniform lighting that is suitable for the existing drop-in ceilings in the offices
and homes.
• These 2x4 LED panel lights have the dimmable feature as well which is another advantage of these power
saving lights.
• Comes with a wide beam angle of 120 degrees so that you can fix them even at the bigger or wider places
as well.
• Enjoy 5 years of warranty from the manufacture’s end.

So install these 2x4 LED panel lights and have a relaxed and hassle free lighting for a period of at least
50,000 hours in making the workplace or homes ambience more sparkling and pollution free, thanks to the 100% recyclable material used in making these LED panel lights. \

For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/led-panel-2x4-72w-5000k-dimmable

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