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Switch to 150 Watt LED Pole Lights to make Residential Buildings More Graceful

Victoria, Texas - 16 Apr, 2019
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There is no doubt to the fact that better lights installed at the outdoor places including streets, highways etc help in increasing the safety of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians as well who are using the streets during the later evenings.

For giving them the freedom, to enjoy the life in a safer way, you can install 150W LED Pole Light that along with ensuring maximum visibility will also reduce the carbon Footprint as well which is also important to keep the nature pollution free.

Benefits of installing 150W LED Pole Light are as follows:

1. You can install 150W LED Pole Light at many outdoor places including parking lots, streets, highways etc which are used by more number of people during the nights.
2. The LED pole lights are IP65 rated and can stay perfectly alright in case of difficult and challenging weather conditions as well, they are eco-smart lights and will make the environment safer and healthy for others to live freely.
3. Also the color temperature of these 150W LED Pole Light is 5700K that is best for the outdoor space.
4. The LED pole lights have the ability to deliver higher lumen output, for example, installing a 150W LED Pole Light whose lumen output is 21000 lumens means you can replace 450w of MH light to make more savings.
5. Once placed, they can be used for at least 50,000 hours with no flickering and humming.
6. These lights are DLC certified and will give you necessary rebates and incentives from the power companies.

So let’s enhance the outdoor lighting system by installing 150W LED Pole Light that along with boosting the night environment will also protect the nature from getting polluted which will help all of us to lead a healthier life.

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