Attract more Drivers towards your Gas Stations by Installing LED Canopy Lights

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While going on the long road side trips, we need to refill our vehicle’s tank with the fuel so that we
can continue our outdoor activities in a more mesmerizing manner. We will apply the brakes only at
those gas stations where we can see maximum visibility as stopping at some place with no lighting
can be risky. Hence, install bright full LED canopy lights at the gas stations so that more number of
drivers come to your place to enjoy short brake while driving. Install 150w LED canopy lights among
many other forms of LED canopies.

Benefits of 150w LED canopy lights are as follows:

• The lumen output of 150w LED canopy lights is more than 17242 lumens, and if they are
replaced with 400w of any MH or sodium-potassium light bulb, you can save 250 watts of
• The more you save energy, the lessen electricity bills you have to pay.
• Also the color temperature of these lights is 5700K and they are the perfect outdoor lighting
fixture, with the wider beam angle of greater than 110 degree, you can cover even the
extreme corners as well.
• The heat sink used inside these lights will eliminate all the unwanted heat that is generated
during the normal working of the lights.
• These lights have the expected lifespan of at least 50,000 hours even if they are kept on for
24 hours as well.
• They are UL and DLC certified products.

Install LED canopy lights across the gas stations, so that the drivers can find it easy to come to your
place for refuelling their vehicle’s tank.


1004 Industrial Drive, Wendell, North Carolina 27591

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