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Buy Now the Best 20W LED Tube Lights and Save on Energy Bills

Wichita, KansasShow Map - 13 Jun, 2019
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In case you are planning to change the lighting system at your commercial or residential place, you can install ballast compatible LED tube lights that can work with the existing fluorescent tubes and you don’t need any change in the circuit for power supply as well and hence it is easy to fix these LED tubes over there. There are different sized ballast compatible LED lights available and you can buy Ballast Compatible T8 4FT 20W LED Tube Light to ease the mounting process.

Advantages of using 4ft LED Tubes are as follows:

• By using these ballast compatible 4ft LED Tubes, you can enjoy the lighting results without making any changes in the circuit for power supply.
• Use these LED Tubes instantly without experiencing any flicker or noise as well which otherwise can make the atmosphere more disturbed.
• The lifespan of these LED tubes is more than 50,000 hours or 5.7 years and even they can work for 24 hours in a day as well.
• The lumen output of this 4ft T8 LED Tubes is 1800 lumens and it can be replaced with 50w of lights., also the color temperature is 5000k that provides a soothing and pleasant lighting effect.
• The CRI being more than 80 for these LED tubes, whatever object comes in the light distribution range of these lights will look real and natural up to 80%.
• Get 3 years warranty from the manufacturer’ side on purchasing these LED lights.

So if you are looking to enhance the lighting system at your place without making any changes in a circuit for power supply, you can install 4ft LED tubes that come with a quicker installing process and are also eco-friendly lights that don’t pollute the surrounding.

For More info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/ballast-compatible-t8-4ft-22w-2row-led-tube-3000-lumens-5000k-clear-cover


Wichita, Kansas

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