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Fresh laid fertile macaw and other parrot eggs

Wichita, Kansas - 28 Jan, 2013
  • Birds


we have some candle tested fertile macaw parrot eggs now ready for sale with incubators , for more details pls contact now and place your order We have the following eggs available for sale HYACINTH MACAWS EGGS CONGO AFRICAN GREYS- BLACK COCKATOO EGGS MOLUCCAN COCKATOOS. MOLUCAN COCKATOOS BLUE AND GOLDS MACAW GREENWING MACAW SCARLET MACAWS SULPHUR CREST My eggs are guarantee before shipped, they are candle tested fertile with possibility of hatch ,we will ship the eggs with my hand booklets just get back to us with your valid cell phone number for quick response. Thanks http://internationalexoticbirdsaviary.webs.com.info.aviary@yahoo.co.uk

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