Install Best Quality LED Troffer light at the Hospitals’ Reception

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The Hospitals are the places that work day and night to provide the best medical treatment required to the patients, along with providing best medical services to the patients, you also need to consider installing proper lights such as 2x2 led troffer light fixtures so that maximum visibility can be maintained especially at the reception area where many patients and their relatives come. Since these Troffer lights are the rectangular or square light fixture, they can easily be installed in the modular dropped ceiling grid thus making the place more visible. You can install square shaped 2x2 LED troffer light at the indoor places.

Other advantages of using 2X2 LED troffer light are as follows:

• The color temperature of these 2X2 LED troffer lights is
5000K that provides neutral white-day white light, also these
lights produce 4200 lumens by consuming just 30w of
electricity only. You can replace it with 90w of other
existing lights.
• These troffer lights can be dimmed and the dimming option
ranges from 0-10V.
• Once purchased, they can work for more than 50,000 hours as
• The LED troffer lights are easy to maintain and also they
does not warm up easily unlike in the case of traditional
lighting fixtures.
• Also there is no maintenance cost associated to using these
• Protect the environment from getting polluted by installing
these eco-friendly lights tha don’t have any harmful
chemicals such as mercury and lead inside them.
• You can also enjoy hassle-free warranty for at least 5 from
the manufacturer’s end.

So buy LED troffer light that are also DLC approved which allows you to get rebates from the power companies as well, which you will never get in case you are using those traditional form of lights.


22 Janzy Lane, Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17754

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