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How much do custom neon lights for home decor cost?

Wilmington, Delaware - 27 Jan, 2023


Finding the right home decor to light up your space can be daunting, especially when it comes to neon lights. Finding the right one can become overwhelming with so many options and choices.
You want to find something affordable yet stylish, but at the same time, you don't want to compromise on quality either. You don't want something that will break down or fade away quickly or cost you a fortune.
Check out the most exclusive collection of custom neon lights at an affordable price with our help! Our unique collection of custom neon lights comes in various styles and is made with high-quality materials that won't break down easily and won't put a dent in your wallet! So get ready to lighten up your home décor!
What is the price of custom neon lights for house décor?
Whether it be your home, office or business, your space will benefit from the uniqueness and style that neon signage can bring. They will also withstand the elements and endure for many years because they are composed of sturdy materials. If you want parties in your yard, you may place a personalised neon signboard at the entrance and set the mood. Neon light nameplate prices may vary depending on your design type. The following are a few of the top neon signs on the list stated below:
1. Love-Filled Heart Neon Sign – This love-filled heart neon sign is ideal for expressing your affection for your loved ones. This sign will undoubtedly grab people's attention with its vivid colours and warm their hearts. This sign is a wonderful gift idea. You can adorn a spot in your yard to commemorate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or Valentine's Day, with your significant other by using this colourful bespoke LED sign.

Love-Filled Heart Neon Sign
2. Cactus Jack Neon Sign - Searching for a distinctive, striking neon sign to complement your house's interior design? Check out our neon cactus sign! This eye-catching green and yellow sign will attract attention and is a wonderful way to give your room a southwestern feel. Create a special area for cacti in your garden and put this neon sign to draw attention to it.
3. Rainbow Neon Sign - This LED neon light is composed of premium lighting and will adorn your living area with a vibrant rainbow hue. These lights are strong and have a long lifespan while using little energy. This sign is ideal for any event and will meet your décor demands. It may also make a wonderful present. You can use it in a kid's or adult's bedroom and liven up any party or even a bare wall. This vivid neon sign with multiple colours is ideal for a birthday or house party.
4. Good Vibes Only Neon Sign- This colourful neon sign will undoubtedly inject joy and energy into any area. This neon sign is expertly made with premium components and comes with everything you need for simple installation. This Good Vibes Only Neon Sign is ideal if you want to add lighter and more beauty to your game room, garden, or living area.
5. Mr. & Mrs. - NEON SIGN- Everything will shine a little brighter on your wedding day if you add a little glimmer of light. These custom neon lights are most appropriate for weddings, anniversaries, or proposal parties. We've got you covered, whatever it is. Your home can be decorated in a very romantic way with this lovely neon sign that reads "forever and always." These are energy-efficient and a worthwhile investment because they come in various sizes and colours to suit your preferences and the theme or décor scheme you use.
Mr. & Mrs. - NEON SIGN
Final Thoughts
If you are looking for a neon sign that will light up your space, note that their prices will vary based on your chosen style. If you want a custom-lit neon sign for your house—an average custom neon sign costs $250 to $1000. Visit our store at Crazyneon, where you can purchase neon signs at budget-friendly prices. You'll be pleased with our neon signs' quality because they are also manufactured of premium materials. Shop right away to get the greatest deal on one!

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